Laboratoriet is a centre for practical artistic research for performing arts professionals. We conduct experiments, where questions, methods, and tools are carefully defined beforehand. Results and reflections from the experiments can be found here on this site, our knowledge bank.

Laboratoriet has also created Rehearsal Matters, an interview collection with more than 30 European and North American artists, on performing arts methods and  the rehearsal process. See:

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, the City of Aarhus, Åbne Scene Godsbanen, and Tuborgfondet.

And another video! Actually 3 -

The video from the RAPP 2014 experiment 'The Whistle' consists of 3 part


- from the RAPP 2014 experiment 'Cimatica  - a Study of the Relation bet


At the RAPP 2014 Conference at Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, on Friday March 28