Laboratoriet is an independent centre for practical artistic research in performing arts, based in Aarhus, Denmark. We do experiments, research projects, workshops, seminars and facilitation of artistic and creative processes.

RAPP - our annual Research in Artistic Practice Programme - is open to all performing arts professionals. The purpose of RAPP is to produce new knowledge, skills and artistic development through practical and qualified experiments. To encourage leaps into the unknown, impossible endeavours, and the search for new horizons.

The RAPP Conference presents the results of the RAPP experiments as well as guest speakers and experiment projects from all over the world.

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, the City of Aarhus, and Åbne Scene Godsbanen.

Workshop: 'Jeg husker...'

Deltagere søges til workshoppen 'Jeg husker...' d.14.-15.

Student workshop at RAPP

At this year's RAPP, there will be a workshop for Aarhus and internation

The RAPP 2015 Conference

This year's conference will take place at